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For more than a thousand years, Japanese people have celebrated the arrival of spring with a religious ceremony honouring the sakura (cherry blossom) season. Flower viewing gatherings, or hanami, originated in Japan and were once reserved for the imperial aristocracy and then the samurai class. Despite the fact that its origins are murky at best some sources place it in the third century, while others place it in the ninth it has endured. By the turn of the 17th century, ordinary people greatly looked forward to the cherry blossom season. Millions of people from all over the world visit Japan every March and April to take part in the sakura celebrations and see the blooms. The peak of cherry blossom tours japan viewing time is from roughly March 20 to April 20.

Why does Japan devote so much time and energy on the cherry blossom season?

In the current day, many people visit Japan during the sakura season to see the country’s most famous sites covered in pink and white blossoms. However, the Japanese place far greater importance on the season. Besides being revered for its beauty, the ephemeral nature of life itself has come to be symbolised by the butterfly.

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Many Japanese identify with both Shinto and Buddhism, the two major religions in the country. Despite their differences, Shintoism and Buddhism share a number of basic ideas, such as a respect for the natural world and an understanding of life’s impermanence. The sakura in full bloom serves as a metaphor for this idea since it is a stunning but transient scene that, at its peak, disappears almost as quickly as it appeared.

When do cherry trees start to bloom?

Although the cherry blossom season always occurs in the spring, its exact timing varies from year to year due to the impact of weather on the trees. In the spring, kaika (flowering) occurs early in response to warmer temperatures, and it may occur later in response to cooler ones. Only the annual pattern of the sakura zensen can be reliably predicted: it always starts in the southern islands around the turn of the year and makes its way northward as late as May. This is the only absolute truth that can be established. The March last week and the first two weeks of April are generally the finest seasons to visit Kyoto and Tokyo if you want to see the flowering deciduous trees.

Where can you get the best view of the cherry trees?

There is a fair chance of witnessing flowering cherry trees everywhere in Japan during the beginning of April, but the best spot to appreciate their majesty is by taking a diversion. Yoshino, a small area east of Osaka, has a dramatic increase in population at the time the sakura zensen reaches. The town long has been a favourite springtime vacation since it is home to 30,000 cherry blossom trees that blanket the surrounding mountains in pink and white blossoms.

When the cherry trees bloom, what kinds of fun things can you do?

The hundreds of thousands of matsuri celebrated annually across Japan attest to the fact that the Japanese love a good festival. There is a festival for everything, from offering thanks to wishing for a plentiful crop, and in March, the matsuris focus on pink and flowers.

During the cherry blossom season, what kinds of unusual meals are available?

When it comes to creating recipes, Japanese chefs are heavily influenced by the seasonal availability of certain ingredients and flavours. When spring arrives, shops stock up on sakura-flavored treats like yatsuhashi, Kit Kats, and soft-serve ice cream.

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