Things you need to look for when you plan on getting a used boat


Finding a used boat will save you thousands of money more than buying a new ship. When you choose the boat you like, you cannot wait to sail into the ocean and feel the water on your face and even the wind that rushes into your hair. It is the joy of boating; it gives you exploration, freedom, and adventure, where you missed the things during the pandemic. Buying used boats like sailing catamaran is the best option for you, and these are the things you must know.

Registration and title

Marinas are the legal businesses that offer the registration and title for any used boat they sell. But when you buy from a private party, you must insist they show you a registration card with their address and name, like the boat trailers. Ensure the registration numbers match the model, make, and hull identification numbers. You must need it when you are planning to finance the purchase. You can request and keep a bill of sale signed by the owner selling the boat. You will ensure that it shows the warranty coverage that is offered.


You must thoroughly inspect the deck and take your time to inspect for any holes, rot, cracks, or soft spots. The deck must feel smooth when you push down using your hands. It will be the sign of decay or the plywood delamination that can tell there is hidden damage. You must also check the seats for excessive mold, wear, or mildew. When the hull and deck are in the best shape, you must check the other parts of the boat.


The engine is one of the most expensive parts in the boat that you must inspect carefully. First, you must look for corrosion under the engine cover. You can start the engine, do a test run, and ask the owner to run it for 10 seconds. There will be a problem when the engine is smoking, loose, and running rough or noisy. Rub your fingers on the engine oil to check for moisture, grit, or metal dust. When buying a bigger boat, you must hire an engine mechanic to check the engine or do a fluid analysis test. It will save you from any problems in the future that can be tricky to determine during the inspection.


The hull is part of the boat; you must check it carefully. You can check below the water line, where it can be damaged from banging into debris, rocks, or other boats. Older boats have a wood transom where it can rot internally. Excessive movement when lifting the motor up and down or rear and forward means a weak or broken transom. When there are any repairs or cracks that are longer than two inches, it can show that the boat experienced a collision.


Many states need boat trailers that come from annual safety inspections. Ensure that the inspection sticker or placard is updated. You must also inspect the frame for damage, rot, twisting, or severe rust on the suspension and brake systems. When it is possible, remove the wheel bearing grease caps. The silver-bearing grease shows the wheel bearing damage, while the milky color means the water intrusion in the bearing hubs.

When you buy a used boat, it will save you more money, and it will bring you years of fun on the water. When you don’t trust yourself to check the used boat’s condition, you must consider hiring an accredited marine surveyor. It is the same as the house inspector, who will do a comprehensive system inspection.

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