Do You Want to Make a One-Day Trip to Stonehenge from London? Here are Few Tips


Experience England’s historic countryside with a London to Stonehenge tour. London offers its unique charm, but Stonehenge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, delivers an iconic British experience.

Learn everything you need about Stonehenge and Bath day tours from London, or consider combining your time with classic destinations like Windsor or Bath.

Explore the picturesque countryside and discover the fabled history that makes England exceptional. Stonehenge Visit can also offer a complete guide for your trip to Stonehenge and offer discount tickets online.

The following are a few tips for visiting Stonehenge.

1. Understand how to go to Stonehenge.

The most iconic prehistoric structure in Europe, Stonehenge, is a must-see, cloaked in mystery. Access can be a challenge, with a two-hour drive from central London.

Options include taking a train to Salisbury and then the Stonehenge Tour Bus, a budget-friendly choice for Stonehenge alone.

For early, crowd-free photos, renting a car and driving to Salisbury Plain is recommended.

The simplest option is a group tour, where tickets are prearranged, and you can easily board a bus, ensuring a hassle-free visit to this iconic site.

2. Explore the new visitor centre

Stonehenge, situated near a busy highway, has improved its visitor experience since 2011. The English Heritage Visitor Centre, opened in 2018, offers interactive exhibits, ample facilities, and relaxing space.

Most tours drop you here, 2 km. from the monument, and you can walk or take the shuttle (included in the ticket price).

You can purchase tickets, souvenirs, and audio guides at the centre, dine at the cafe, and explore prehistoric artifacts and a Neolithic home, providing a well-prepared introduction to the ancient wonders ahead.

3. Book your tickets in advance

To ensure your visit to Stonehenge goes smoothly, book tickets in advance online, allowing you to select your preferred entry time, avoid delays, and secure your spot, especially during peak times.

4. Arrive early in case you are driving

To savour the mystical solitude of Stonehenge, aim to arrive as early as possible, as the site becomes crowded after 10 a.m. despite its enigmatic allure.

5. Get an audio guide

Audio guides, included with admission, offer insightful information about Stonehenge. While much remains speculative, having a tour in your hand enhances the visit’s experience.

6. Solstices at Stonehenge

The Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere, is a special time at Stonehenge, free to visit except for parking fees. Prepare for cold and wet conditions.

7. Spend the day at Stonehenge

With extra time, explore the 6,500-acre site and enhance your itinerary with additional activities.

  • Stonehenge virtual stones experience
  • Prehistory in the exhibition
  • Neolithic Houses
  • Have a picnic.

8.  Explore the region

Visiting only Stonehenge might be easier; experts recommend about 2 hours. Consider a day tour, exploring other regional attractions for a more fulfilling experience.

For a comprehensive experience, consider a day tour combining Stonehenge with top regional attractions, like a bus tour of the Cotswolds with Harry Potter and Jane Austen filming locations. Enhance your trip by exploring multiple sites in one outing.

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